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Gregory J Tigges 

Document Solutions of Springfield, Inc.  Office Equipment
Springfield, MO

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Springfield, MO
Document Solutions of Springfield, Inc.
Office Equipment
1736 E. Sunshine Suite 100
Springfield, MO 65804

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Mar 3
Lisa Tigges

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Document Solutions of Springfield, Inc.


Document Solutions of Springfield has been the authorized Premier Xerox Sales Agency since 1994, owned by Greg and Lisa Tigges.  Locally owned and operated, Document Solutions of Springfield provides business solutions for Southwest Missouri which Greene, Christian, Taney, Stone, Lawrence, McDonald, Newton, Jasper, Barton, Vernon, Cedar, Polk, and Barry counties.  We provide the full line of Xerox document solutions including, digital systems, fax machines, laser printers, multifunction devices, color copiers and printers, Production Publishers, and wide format color inkjet printers. We also offer a wide variety of Manage Print Services solutions to best fit any size business.  DSOS also provides complete on-site technical support and customer training. Our Document Solutions professionals like to work with clients on a document strategy that will meet the needs of their office now and into the future. The company also offers networking solutions and laser printer supplies for HP and Xerox.

After graduating from the University of Missouri-St. Louis in 1982, Greg has been affiliated with Xerox for the past 36 years. Document Solutions of Springfield has won numerous honors including being recognized as one of the top 10 agencies in the country, and was the #3 mid markets sales agency in the country for 2014 and 2015, while achieving numerous Xerox's President's Club award.


Document Solutions of Springfield was recognized by the BBB as a Torch Award Finalist as one of the three Most Ethical Small Businesses’ in Southwest Missouri. 

In today’s world of electronic mail and networking capabilities to printing options to color options, people should consider dealing with Document Solutions of Springfield, because we have the best quality product portfolio to handle your customized requirements.

Access to resources and sales support from a team of Xerox professionals who specialize in various aspects of the business—service technicians, networking analysts, administrative representatives, and product managers—expands the knowledge and expertise Document Solutions of Springfield offers. Document Solutions and Xerox innovation delivers exactly what businesses need to do their work.

Document Solutions of Springfield has many professional business solutions for growing businesses. Whether your business is small or extra-large, we can offer document solutions at affordable prices with industry benchmark print quality and reliability.  Xerox offers the well-known Total Satisfaction Guarantee. With a product portfolio unmatched in the industry, Document Solutions of Springfield leads the way in the office equipment market in Springfield.

Our office is located in the Plaza Towers, 1736 E, Sunshine, Suite 100…….at the corner of Sunshine and Glenstone. We operate during normal business hours.



Phone number is 883-2416







Ideal Prospect


ü     Anyone who puts a mark on a piece of paper.


ü     Businesses that range from a one person office, to a business with multiple locations and over 1,000 employees.


ü     Business owners who “think out of the box.”


ü     Clients who will invest into technology to gain double digit savings.


ü     Clients that want to take their business to the next level.


ü     Clients who seek business partnerships with us, so they can concentrate on their core business.


ü     Clients who seek Technology, Efficiency, and Productivity gains in their industry through the use of high quality products.


ü     Clients who understand the cost of quality.




Bread and Butter


ü     Business owners who are looking for solutions for their fast growing business.


ü     Business that invest into technology instead of personnel.


ü     Clients who seek solutions that include equipment, finance, and labor.


ü     Clients who seek Technology, Efficiency, and Productivity gains in their industry through the use of high quality products.


ü     Clients who understand the cost of quality.


ü     Clients who prefer a pure turn-key solution.





Marginal Prospect


ü     Someone with a good business idea and no financial backing.


ü     Start up companies.  Would prefer someone with some history.


ü     Unrealistic expectations of what technology can do for their business.



Undesirable Prospect


ü     Individuals who know nothing about technology.


ü     Someone who just buys the cheapest.


ü     Business or individuals with bad credit history.


ü     Slow pay clients.


ü     Clients who do not have a business plan in place.